So, like, what is a pop up?

to us, a pop up shop is a temporary retail front. we transform a venue space for one weekend. we jokingly call it black friday for local, handmade goodies, because there is some major hype around this quick, fun shopping experience. unlike a standard craft market, in which vendors are responsible for their own setup and selling of their products, vendors just drop off their inventory, and we do all the work for them! this system creates a cohesive, laidback shopping experience for customers.

How often are the pop ups?

for 2019, we plan to have 8 pop ups total. these dates will be scheduled around holidays, tourist volumes, and the app state calendar.

How can I participate in Pop Up Boone?

we have rolling applications for each of our pop ups. when open, applications are available under our vendor info tab. to stay in the loop, sign up for our vendor-only newsletter (make sure we don’t make our way to your spam folder), and we’ll inform you when applications are released. your best bet is to follow us on instagram (@popupboone) where we send frequent deadline reminders!

How do vendor fees and commission work?

with every pop up, vendors must pay a $5 application fee. if accepted, you must pay a registration fee by a due date — $25 for weekend-long vendors or $10 for sunday-only vendors. both fees are non-refundable regardless of any need to cancel your participation. pop up boone takes a 25% commission from each vendor’s total sales.

How am I paid?

after pop up boone, vendors will receive a google doc in their email inbox detailing the price of each item sold but not a list of specific items sold. this google doc will specify your total sales minus commission: your total payment. vendors will receive a check in the mail of that total payment 1 1/2 weeks after the event is over.

Do I have to be present during the event?

nope! that’s the magic of this event. you are welcome into the space at your will to enjoy yourself and mingle with customers and other vendors. there are no booths!

Am I responsible for my display and set up?

nope! pop up boone takes care of all display needs, and we set it all up for you with our incredible pop up crew. this also means we have the right to display your work how we see best fit. if you have a special setup you would really like to use, please tell us about it in the display section of the application.

Am I responsible for taxes?

pop up boone is responsible for all sales and use tax during the event. you are responsible for all other taxes for your business.

What kind of vendors are you looking for?

we are focused on handmade goods. occasionally. we accept brands that do not make their own products, but our main priority is on handmade. we do not accept vintage brands. we are always looking for jewelry, prints, ceramics, home goods, handmade clothing and accessories, up-cycled clothing, apothecary goods, and food items made in a certified kitchen. not sure if you’re a good fit? shoot us an email at!

Can I apply in different categories because I make items in multiple mediums?

for sure! often times, we do specify which mediums you are accepted in, so please only bring items in the categories for which you are accepted.

more questions? shoot an email to