Howdy Makers

March Applications Open Feb 6 - Feb 20

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Applications open on a rolling basis and are typically open 4-5 weeks before our monthly events

Pop Up Boone Core Values: Community + Craft / Access to a Market Place / Local Economy

About the event: There are no booths/you do not have to be present although you are welcome in the space whenever! Vendors drop off their inventory/inventory sheets and we'll transform the venue into a retail pop up shop with a central checkout

We will provide most of the general furniture and decor for the set up, but if you have any particular way you like to present your products then please mention that in the question about displays! We have the right to ultimately choose how the space is set up but we love when vendors bring their quality displays

Vendor Fees: 
Non- Refundable Application Fee $5
Non- Refundable Registration/Participation Fee $25

* $10 emerging artist registration fee
Commission 25 % - This includes the 2.75% credit card fee 

Pop Up Boone will be in charge of all Sales and Use Tax

email with any questions

What we look for in a vendor & thoughts to consider!

  1. uniqueness - are your products/style distinguishable from other makers?

  2. quality of the handmade goods

  3. prints & jewelry are the most competitive categories & we are limited in the vendors we accept in each category

  4. lastly, do your products seem like the right fit for our target audience/customer? - check out our Instagram to get a feel for our aesthetic and spread of past vendors

    xoxo / pop up team